EcoFish is an underwater arcade experience where you have to clean the game scenarios from a toxic oil spill which has turned all your little friends into maniacs!

With a simple and accessible interface adapted to iOS, you'll have to solve this ocean mess through up to 150 levels and lots of enemies, obstacles and different graphic scenarios.

Will you be able to turn the beauty back to the depths of the ocean? Now it's your turn with EcoFish...

The game is planned for several platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and then maybe PC, Mac, Linux, PSP or even PS Vita. Anyway, this game should be hitting the App Store before the end of March 2012, and should be released on Android and Windows Phone 7 shortly after that, hopefully before the end of April. We can't speak of other platforms just yet.

Some of the major features of the game:

  • Classic gameplay evolved, enhanced and adapted to touch screens
  • Intuitive and very natural controls
  • Lots of different levels (90) and 3 different game modes
  • A wide variety of enemies and areas
  • Wide variety of gameplay experiences from the more arcade levels in Adventure Mode to the more puzzle ones in Treasure Hunt
  • Full customization of the main character with over 20 items
  • Original soundtrack
  • Score system that encourages replayability



Presentation Video: