Eclipse Games is a small independent developer full of talented individuals with a serious ambition: making fun games people enjoy playing. That's what we're all about.

It is formed of industry veterans. We enjoy creating games as much as we enjoy playing them, that's why even in our spare time we like to work on small fun projects that appeal to us for one reason or another. We're really passionate about games!

We're particularly interested in some classic games that we believe are still fun to play and could have a place along with modern games, but that doesn't mean that's the only thing we do. We are driven by passion so we end up doing whatever 'floats our boat' ;o).

We've recently rented some office space in Zaragoza, the Spanish city (halfaway between Barcelona and Madrid) where we're based. It's a nice contemporary building that makes for a great working environment:

Office Building


  • Eduardo Jimenez: Founder and... well main developer? He's responsible the code, design and graphics of both Toy Cars and LightFish and the rest of the team hopes, at some point, he'll be held responsible for his actions ;o). He has been developing coding tasks for over 7 years in the game's industry and is most proud of having contributed to games like Pure, Split/Second, Imperial Glory or Planet 51.
  • Alvaro Vazquez: This nice fella has got an extensive CV with over 10 years of games industry experience as a designer (and TV experience prior to that). He posseses a great weath of knowledge and ingenuity he puts to good use in our projects. He's a critically successful writer too, so maybe we'll see his name in the libraries soon :o). If you want to know more about him I'd suggest you visit his personal web page or his design blog.
  • Lucas Gonzalez: The music composer of the team. He's the one to blame for the music that populates our games ;o).
  • Toni Ros: Finally a proper artist working with us! He's got a degree in product design and a huge passion for videogames. He's recently joined us to develop the art of the new, super secret projects we have in concept and early development. You'll surely soon realize that something has changed with our games when you see proper art populating them.
  • Lolo: And yet another artist joining us! He has been around this industry for quite a while too, first as tester and later as a 3D artist. Some of his models were used in games like Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Terminator 4: Salvation. If you're interested in knowing more about his work make sure you check his blog:

We'll be adding new members and contributors to the team, but at the moment that's it. Not much, but we're still young and passionate and have lots of energy to spend doing great games that will hopefully entertain you!