12/6/2015. Tachyon Project got a demo and a release date!
We've decided to release a demo for Tachyon Project for the PC version. You can download it from the game's webpage. We can also confirm that the release date for the game on Xbox One will be July, the 15th, 2015. To celebrate we've released more screenshots too :)

31/5/2015. Tachyon Project announced!
Our latest game has been finally unveiled: Tachyon Project will be releasing soon on Xbox One and other platforms. Please, go to its webpage where you'll find screenshots, the trailer and more information about it.

31/1/2014. Super Toy Cars is now beta!
It's been a long time but we've finally reached beta, yay! The game has suffered some major changes and improvements. Some of them you'll be able to appreciate, such as the new cool art style, more in line with the tone of the game, some you can't appreciate just yet (such as the massive improvement in handling).

We're working really hard to finish this game ASAP and have it in your hands. It's going to be still a couple of months, but it's getting there. If there are other news we'll let you know in this space. In the meantime, don't miss the new screenshots and the brand new trailer here.

3/12/2012. Super Toy Cars Announced!
Long time no see! We've been definitely a bit quiet as of lately. We've been very busy preparing many surprises for you, this being the first of them! So you thought we had completely abandoned the idea of doing racing games? Well, we haven't! We love old school top-down driving games and thought Toy Cars could do with a tweak or three.

So we're proud to finally unveil the latest game we're working on: Super Toy Cars. There's not a lot of info yet, but you can already browse a few screenshots and some info on the game here

We hope you like it and, please, don't hesitate in contacting us with any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. We really want to know what you think!